Aisha helped me navigate some of the most difficult periods of my life, and I am thankful for her support. When I first started looking for a therapist, I noticed that there are hardly any licensed therapists who understand the cultural and religious issues that South Asians face. I tried with other therapists before, but they struggled to understand what I was really going through. Then I was referred to Aisha by someone who was going through something similar, and I’ve never looked backed. Thank you so much, Aisha. You helped me a lot, and I am certain you will be able to help others there - there’s definitely a lot of people out there who need your services.

Having someone from a similar background meant that I didn't need to explain why my family were reacting the way they were. Having seen two therapists in the past who made suggestions that would not be possible for someone from my culture, seeing Aisha made a huge difference not only because she is South Asian, but because she has been through her own struggles with religion.