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Happy Kufrmas

Updated: May 18, 2022

A few years ago I met a group of ex-Muslims who used the term ‘Kufrmas’ instead of Christmas, and it still makes me laugh!

I wanted to acknowledge everyone who might be going through family estrangement, or loss of Faith, as Christmas can be particularly difficult for those people at this time of year and especially on Christmas Day. I know Covid has led to a few people being alone this year, but being on your own due to family circumstances is very different to being on your own due to Covid infections.

Some things that I noticed when I first became estranged were all the ‘pity invites’ I would get around that time of year. Of course, I am not sure if they were intended as pity invites, but that’s how it felt. It took me a while to navigate how I wanted to spend Christmas. Spending it with a friends families would heighten my sense of loss, so I prefer to spend the day alone or with friends who might be in a similar position to me.

You are allowed to feel sad, angry, upset about how things are, and if you feel happy or relieved about it, that is also okay. Don’t let people’s expectations of how family should be, or what this time of year should involve, make you feel like you are doing anything wrong.

Whatever you choose to do, I hope you have a relaxing break and keep safe.

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