Appointments & Fees


All appointments will take place using the online platform Zoom, which is free to use. If you do not feel comfortable with having your video switched on, you are able to turn this off which will enable to you use the voice-only function. Appointments will be password protected and a password will be agreed in advance. If you do not have to a private space, other options, including telephone appointments, are available. We are happy to discuss any needs you may have and see if we can find a way to work around this.

We understand not everyone can afford the below fees and we offer two clients a discounted rate. There may be a waiting time for this as once these two ongoing slots are full, they will not be made available until these clients have been discharged. Please contact us to discuss this. 


Assessment only: 1 hour


The assessment is a one-off appointment and is an opportunity for you to tell the therapist about your current difficulties, and to discuss if After Faith is the right service for you. The assessment is a lower fee as we feel it is important that you get a feel for the therapist, and the therapy, to decide if you would like to progress with therapy. If it is decided that After Faith is not the right service for you, the therapist will suggest alternatives services or therapies, if appropriate.

Therapy Sessions: 1 hour

All our sessions use CBT, with elements of ACT or CFT is this is appropriate. You can read more about these therapies here. The therapist will let you know what to expect from therapy during your assessment appointment. The number of sessions required will be dependent on your current difficulties and goals.

Workshops & Training: please contact us to discuss fees.

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