How Ramadan bought an ex-Muslim clarity

Ramadan is coming up soon, and I always remember that Ramadan was the period in my life when I fully accepted I am no longer a Muslim. I can’t remember the exact year, I think it was around 2012, I was living alone. I had been having doubts for years, but I never let myself admit that I didn’t believe in any of it anymore. It seemed incomprehensible, and I knew the consequences would be too great. So I woke up for Sehri (this is when Muslims get up to eat and pray, before the

Why ex-Muslims stay in the closet.

Saira Khan, presenter of Loose Women, has said she is not a practicing Muslim. She is now being faced with death threats and abuse, which she has posted on her Social Media. Whilst it saddens me to read this, it doesn't shock me. Unfortunately, this seems to be the norm when coming out as ex-Muslim. If you are ever planning on coming out as ex-Muslim, think long and hard about your support network, as it isn't easy. I kept note of things people said to me, when I first came o

Sometimes doing anything is better than doing nothing.

The absence of family or friends on certain celebrations can be difficult. For example, this week was Eid. For many of my ex-Muslim friends (closeted and none closeted) this is a day they still spend with family. They enjoy the cultural elements, being around family and of course, all the food! Eid for me now is very different, in that it is non-existent. In fact, I didn’t know Eid was coming up until about 3 days earlier a work colleague mentioned it. We might all be differe